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KARBOTECHNIK spol. s r. o. (Ltd.)

Company KARBOTECHNIK (Ltd.) has been found in 1993. In 2004 was our Management system certified below Standards ISO 9001:2000 (at present ISO 9001:2008) for purchase, production, and sale for carbon brushes and graphite parts and purchase and sale of the engineering components.
Our specialization is purchase of carbon and graphite blocks, rods and plates, their machining and sale of the final products. You can find them in electrotechnics, engineering industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, glass industry, and in many other industries. Typical representatives of our carbon and graphite products are:

brush, contact strip, bus insert, tube, plate, electrode, cords and braids, heating rods and elements, linings, crucibles, moulds, foils and felts, bearings, sealings, sealing rings, vanes, blades, blast nozzles, etc.

Beside these we offer other non-graphite products (but mostly closely associated with carbon and graphite) such as:

brush holders, flexible copper connections, steel and cast-iron housings and bushings, pumice, asbestos free isolation plates, etc.

Our production is based on customers´ requirements (all made to measure). We are able to satisfy both small (from several pieces) and huge orders.
Thanks to standing direct cooperation with major European and world´s carbon and graphite producers we put up for sale a wide range of materials and products for each application for competitive prices.
Years of experience (more then 30 years) may qualify us to consultancy in the field of carbon and graphite for all of our current and future customers.

For all your CARBON/GRAPHITE needs feel free to contact our company, we will be very glad if you become our customer.

We are ready to quote your requests or just answer your questions in earliest possible time .

Ing. Václav Koèí
managing director